Which Gas Scooter Is Right For You?

Which Gas Scooter Is Right For You?

By Matthew Smith

With everyone looking to bypass the gas station and get around the gridlock of traffic, a gas scooter seems like the ideal alternative. Whether your looking for a 50cc street scooter, or just a stand up cruiser, there are some things that should be considered.

When choosing a gas scooter, you want to be certain that it will fit you, your needs and your budget. There are gas scooters that are designed for cruising around town, off road, and racing. Gas scooters, depending on type can cost as low as two-hundred fifty dollars and can cost as much as eighteen hundred dollars.

Street/Cruising gas scooters are setup with the suspension systems to handle the bumps in the road while maintaining a smooth ride. Some street gas scooters will have front shocks, while others use an impact absorption frame. Just about all street/Cruising gas scooters will have pneumatic tires that provide a smoother ride.

There are many more options available when it comes to selecting a street/cruising scooter verse and off road or racing scooter.

Many models of street scooters come equipped with a headlight, left and right turn signals and brake lights. These options are recommended for those using their scooter as transportation to or from work and are going to traveling during early morning or early evening hours.

The most common gas scooters are the stand up type, where you stand on a foot plate while holding onto the handlebars as you ride. As these scooters have become more powerful, and have extended their fuel mileage capacity, many riders were getting tired of standing. Now most gas scooters offer a removable seat unit. Today’s scooter commuter can now sit while they cruise around town.

Off Road scooters are designed to take a serious beating. With the off road gas scooters, you will find such modifications as adjustable front and rear suspension for jumping and trail riding, as well as a more powerful performance engine with lower gear ratios. Off Road scooters will come with either ten inch or eleven inch knobby tires for tearing through the dirt. Off Road scooters can be used for both on and off road, but you will have a lot more fun off.

Race scooters are designed with upgraded performance tuned engines. These scooters will have improved brake systems as well a reinforced suspension system. These scooters are made of the lightest material that can handle the weight. The motor is a high performance, race tuned engine with performance stack and possible power pipe. There are several gas scooter racing organizations around the country and when you want more from your racing scooter, there is a large line of aftermarket hop up parts available to satisfy your need for speed.

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